Commercial Service

Attention Town Managers and Commercial and Residential Property Managers. Now you can eliminate the common complaint of removing ugly, unhealthy, dog waste, from your commercial parks and or town property.


Underdogs, Inc. is Cape Cod’s first pet waste removal service and is now servicing:

  • Commercial Pet Waste Services
    Public & Private Parks
    Condominiums/ Apartments / Townhouses
    Association Neighborhoods
  • Pay for a full year of Underdogs service and Save 1 Month Free service!
  • No obligation! You may discontinue service at any time.
  • First time and one time cleanings start at $69.95. Pricing may increase for heavy waste accumulation.
  • Call Underdogs for a one time cleaning before weddings, birthday parties or other events.

We are professional pooper-scoopers and will clean your property each week on time, every time.

Pet Waste Stations

Underdogs can install pet waste stations complete with a “Please Pick Up After Your Dog” signs, trash cans and dog waste bags.

commercial pet waste stationCall Us today at 508-255-0522 to set up a free no obligation estimate.

Left to Accumulate, Dog Waste Will:

• Damage the appearance of your property.
• Attract disease carrying pests.
• Endanger the health of your pets and your family.
• Contaminate our ground water.

Call UNDERDOGS Today – 508-255-0522