Have you ever wondered why you have so many flies in your yard?  There could be several causes: garbage left out to exposure, fruit trees with decaying fruit on ground beneath, kitchen compost, but most common is dog waste.  Dog waste is a breeding ground for flies especially the Green bottle flies.  Green bottle flies are attracted to dog feces. Pick up after Fido to keep these disease-carrying pests away.

Are you concerned with the flies that fly around your house or your picnic in the park?  Most of us just brush these pesky flies away or maybe get bold enough to swat it dead with a newspaper or swatter, and then continue on with our business in the house or eating of the picnic food.  However, flies are the biggest disease transmitters around for their size.  A single house fly can carry over one million bacteria. No less than 60 different diseases can be transmitted by filth flies, from salmonella to dysentery.  Pretty gross when you really stop and think about it.

What is the best way to get rid of flies?  Everyone wants to be rid of the pesky flies especially knowing how toxic they are and what they can carry for diseases.  What is the best way?  What if I don’t want to use pesticides?  Do I need to call someone to maintain this problem for me?  Below you will see a wide variety of suggestions to help with the pesky fly problem.  You can use one method or a few it is up to you and what you and your family feel most comfortable doing.

  1. Properly dispose of all garbage and keep in a covered/sealed container.
  2. Rinse recycled items, so as to not attract flies with the left over yogurt in the container, etc.
  3. Pick up decaying fruit from beneath fruit trees.
  4. Maintain the compost pile, so to deter fly interest.
  5. Pick up dog waste regularly.  If you or someone in your household doesn’t have time or the stomach for it contact a Pet Waste Removal Company in your area.
  6. Hang sticky fly paper.
  7. Commercially available fly traps work well.   Traps usually contain some kind of food bait, sometimes in combination with a pheromone. Place fly traps where you see the most flies.
  8. Pesticides are available to control flies, but should never be used as the first choice of defense.