During this time of year many of us just don’t feel like there are enough hours in the day to get everything done.  You may have work, families, holiday parties, holiday shopping, the stress of who to buy what for, and the list goes on and on.  One item on your never ending to do list might be to walk your dog.  This shouldn’t be a chore, but something that helps to relax you and benefit you and your dog.  Walking your dog requires you to be outside in the fresh air.  If you take a few moments to be in the moment and just take some nice deep breaths of said fresh air, you will begin to let go of some of those stress triggers.  Listen to the sounds around you, living on Cape Cod you may hear the steady rhythm of the ocean in the distance, another dog calling to yours from across the way, but one thing you can guarantee to hear is birds.  It may be the sweet song of the Cardinal, the caw caw of a Crow, or the squeal call of a Seagull.

Two Birds One Stone is a play on words, but appropriate in this case.  You need to walk the dog and you need to let go of some of that nagging stress in order to survive the day or the holiday season.  Some studies have shown that walking relieves stress and listening to the sound of birds chirping, tweeting, and calling will also act as a stress/anxiety reliever.  Below is a link about how the sound of birds can help relieve stress/anxiety, so get out there walk your dog, tune into nature, and reap the benefits.